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Passionate about sharing the power of yoga and its transformational benefits, Melody Abella founded a mobile yoga business (abellaYoga) in 2006.  abellaYoga travels to corporate and private yoga clients in Washington, D.C., Alexandria and Arlington, VA to teach yoga in homes, offices, hotels and conference centers.

Grateful for experiences gained in the telecom/tech corporate world, this ex-marketing yoga-chick is happy to share all she knows about yoga.  Believing through discipline and devotion we have the power within to make positive changes in our bodies, lives and this world, Melody teaches her students “anything is possible”.  Or as Sri Dharma says you must have “angry determination.”

Melody, an ERYT with the Yoga Alliance, was first exposed to yoga in 1994 during her last semester at University of Delaware.  She has completed the 500-hour and 800-hour Dharma Yoga Teacher Trainings.  She continues to hop the train from DC to NYC monthly to practice with Sri Dharma Mittra.  Please visit abellaYoga.com/blog for more info and to visit her latest blog.

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  1. We would like to send you a lovely organic cashmere yoga wrap/shawl to review but not sure where to send it to…?? Can you let me know. Thanks. Tanyia

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    All profits from the shawls are returned the nomads (who live on less than $1 per day) and Himalayan weavers and as such the Fibre Tibet collection generates positive social, environmental and economic impact for Tibetan nomads and supports the development of businesses run by Tibetans in the Himalayan region.

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    ASAP Gallery, 99 Rue de Bac, Paris, France
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    The Bridge Fund (www.bridgefund.org) of The Philanthropic Collaborative / Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors was established as a not-for-profit organization in 1996 and is a not for profit which supports economic development, environmental conservation and cultural heritage preservation in Tibetan communities in all areas of the Tibetan Plateau, with technical and design support from Zanone and Opos, Milan.

    Monica Garry, Founder and CEO, of The Bridge Fund of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, has been working with Tibetan nomad communities since 1996. She has helped mobilize over $30 million of funding to support education, healthcare, cultural heritage preservation and environmental conservation on the Tibetan plateau.


  2. Dear Abella,

    Is there a way that I can reach you by e-mail?

    Thanks a lot!


  3. Hello Fellow Yogi!

    This is Jake, on behalf of Deepak Chopra and team, thank your for creating an online place where people are exposed to natural healing and healthy living methods. With you, awareness and healing techniques will grow, impacting the lives of millions of people for the betterment of humanity.

    The purpose of this comment is to invite you, especially on September 15th, to stand up with Deepak Chopra and team, for alternative medicine and its academic research, in order to help you and your community. It’s very easy to participate…

    On September 15th, we are creating an indiegogo campaign for ISHAR (Integrative Studies Historical Archive and Repository)

    We invite you to be apart of creating the future for holistic medicine. There is no financial obligation, simply help us create awareness..

    If you are interested email us back: jake.camarena@isharonline.org

    thanks so much,

    Jake Camarena


  4. I have been feeling frustrated with the things I hear people describing their experiences in yoga classes all sound very superficial and ego building and this obsession they have with particular teachers. So I Google Drive and your blog came up and was happy to hear you study with Dharma Mittra.
    I also study with him did 200 hr. teacher training 7 years ago I also had a yoga Center in Arlington Texas which I gave away 2 years ago so I could travel with foundations who help children with education in the east. So I feel a connection to you look forward to ur blogs. I taught yoga for 20 years and have been thinking about a blog u have inspired me.
    thanks Marinda Diesslin


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