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Meditation = Not Thinking

I’m not a fan of wearing yoga-inspired jewelry.  To me it’s frivolous.  It’s not a necessity.  It’s certainly not needed to practice yoga.  Of course, I have plenty of other areas in my life in which I splurge so I try to bring a little balance into my life by not splurging on unnecessary yoga items.

I’m also not a fan of wearing mala beads.  They aren’t necessary to meditate but I personally find them helpful to keep me focused during my meditation practice.  So yes, I own one strand for this purpose.

With that said, I’m not clear as to why I wore my jade mala beads around my wrist to a business networking breakfast on Tuesday morning.  Little did I know, conversation would surface around them.

First, it was a simple “those are nice” person #1 commented as she touched them.  Then it was “what are they?” from person #2.  I explained that they are mala beads that I sometimes use during my newly developed meditation practice.  It was interesting to hear their responses.  Person #2:   ”Some of my best thinking has come during my running”.  Person #1:  “My prior company’s logo was created out of a long run I was on”.

After just spending 3 hours last Saturday in a meditation vinyasa practice, my mind was in shock.  These people didn’t get it.  How unfortunate I thought.  Then I realized “not thinking and simply being” is a foreign concept to the many business professionals; yet I believe they are ideal for the practice.

I had to interject.  I had to help them understand, they’re missing out on a little secret.  Meditation is not about thinking.  In fact, it’s the complete opposite.  It’s simply about being.  I had to explain how I use meditation to create clarity in my day (and my life) by clearing out some of the unnecessary chatter in my head.  It’s a wonderful tool to build confidence in trusting my intuition which many people often neglect.  Person #2:  “Yes, I catch myself doubting my instincts sometimes”.  Ahhhhh, I thought maybe I’m getting somewhere.  Then the bell went off.  It was time to take our seats.  I guess I’ll being wearing them to my next networking breakfast. 

Can You Recommend a Yoga Mat?

Of course!  There are an overwhelming # of mats in the market so this is a great question.

My absolute favorite yoga mat is made by Manduka.  They’re expensive in comparison to what you’ll see at Target or Gaiam but well worth the price ($55-$75).  I bought the travel mat (purplelite @ 4lbs) two years ago and it’s still holding strong.  I also recently bought the original Manduka 7lb mat (black) a few months ago for my home yoga space.  I love them both and highly recommend them.  Go to Amazon for great pricing, details and reviews on Manduka mats.  Or visit  

If you prefer a thin mat, Prana yoga mats are an excellent option.  Prana mats are extremely thin, durable and portable (i.e. folds easily into a suitcase).  Prana yoga mats are also less expensive —in the $35 range.  I’ve had my Prana mat for about 5-6 years and it’s still holding up.  It’s now primarily my travel mat.  I’ve also thrown my Prana mat in the washer a couple of times (not an option with the Manduka mat).  Visit 

Someone needs to create a comparison chart.  I’ll add that to my “to do” list 🙂