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Too Busy to Pause?

I interact with many people on a daily basis.  Whether I am a student in a yoga class among 25 fellow students, teaching a corporate yoga class or talking with someone about my health coaching practice, a common thread I hear is the word “busy” which is often paired with the word “stressed.”

Modern day living dictates many people feeling overwhelmed with busyness.  Some literally don’t know when/how to take a breath – a key factor in stress.  Busy leads to boredom – people get stuck in a rut following the same routine day-in & day-out.  Busy leaves no space for creativity – which often can put limits on our highest potential.  Busy is not necessarily productive, particularly when some people are busy for the sake of being busy – as if it’s the socially accepted catchphrase of the decade.  To top it off, those who are overwhelmed with being busy often lack inspiration in their lives.  Does any of this sound healthy?

Yet why do so many think it’s a crazy idea to stop and take a break?  If we don’t take control and break for pause, eventually the busy pace will break us.  If you relate to any of the above just mentioned, pause is required in your life.  There is power in pause.  If you make the time to drop your “to do list” for just 30 minutes a day, you might start to discover that your life is full of inspiration, freshness and peace vs. boredom, busyness and stress.

Need a push for creating change.  Here are some ideas:

  • Adopt a dog – if you live in DC area, consider Lucky Dog Rescue
  • Block out 30 minutes at night to read a new book (non-work related)
  • Try a new venue – visit a new yoga studio, church, restaurant, bookstore, whatever
  • Drive a different route to work
  • Experiment with a recipe that looks super complicated
  • Call a friend you haven’t spoken with in a while
  • Get outside – nature is medicine for the soul