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Shine Your Light

A few years ago at a San Francisco Yoga Journal workshop I attended led by David Swenson, I heard a quote that has stuck with me.  In the middle of attempting a forearm balance he said “There are fears that keep us alive, and there are fears that keep us from living.”

Writer extraordinaire Michelle, of 210 days of waves, posted this article today  “What’s the Meaning of This?” at  As I read through it, I was fully taken down memory lane.  I vividly recall the thoughts I use to have about how “stuck in the rat race” I felt.   I wanted out but I liked the paycheck.  On the flip side, I knew I wasn’t living my full potential.  I also felt the longer I stayed in the corporate environment, the dimmer my light became.

What was holding me back?  Me!  I use to think I could never teach yoga because I was afraid to do it.  I was afraid of failing.  I was afraid of speaking in public.  I was afraid I wouldn’t know enough.  I was afraid of looking stupid.

Well, today I have my own yoga business teaching in-home private & corporate yoga full-time —just like Michelle’s article states.  It’s humbling to know I will never know everything there is to know about yoga in this lifetime.  I also know that we are each unique individuals and stumbling along the way is how we find our shine!

I fully admit my fears were pinning me down and sucking the life out of me.  I’m not sure I knew this fully at the time, but now I know it enough to never let it happen again.

Take the time to read What’s the Meaning of This? and maybe rethink what you’re doing today.  Are you shining from the inside out?  What’s your passion?  What’s holding you back from living it?  Remember “there are fears that keep you alive (i.e. like the instinct to get out of a burning building), and there are fears that keep you from living”.

My New Year’s Resolution

I always set business and personal goals for each year but I can’t recall every really setting a “core” resolution that I felt whole-hearted about.  Thanks to my good friend Michelle, who moved from Del Ray Alexandria, VA to Santa Cruz, CA nine months ago, I have a New Year’s Resolution that my life will revolve around for the next 210 days.

Here’s how it went down and how I came to select a 2010 resolution:  On Christmas Eve, Michelle called to say “I’m going to surf 200 continuous days in 2010”.  Over the next few days I started thinking I should support her challenge on the East coast.  What can I do? We talked a few days ago and she updates me that 200 consecutive days could be unrealistic with the power of Mother Nature, work, travel, etc. so she changed it to 210 days of surfing in 2010.  And she set up a cool blog:  210 days of waves.  Hmmm…

At first I thought, I should commit to 210 days of yoga the first 210 days of 2010.  Given yoga really encompasses asana, meditation, philosophy/reading, ethical principles to live by (yamas & niyamas), etc. 210 days of yoga seemed too easy.   Honestly, I already do something yoga-related every single day.  I’m a yogini so I live yoga as well as teach it 5 days a week.  To truly step up to the 210 challenge, I decided to turn my aspirations of daily meditation into reality.  I am committing to 210 days of meditation and I’ve set up a new blog a) to keep me honest, b) because Michelle did 🙂 and c) to try something new (daily blogging).

If you’ve been an abellaYoga blog fan for a while, you’re probably thinking “don’t you already meditate?”  Yes I meditate but not consistently.  I sit about 4 days a week for anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes.  So what does “210 days of meditation for 2010” mean to me?   The answer is here.

Follow our 2010 journeys:  210 days of waves / 210 days of meditation The ride may be bumpy but we’ll do what it takes.  July 29, 2010 is now only 209 days away.