Suffering is Optional

The title of this post Suffering is Optional is inspired from a phrase I almost incorporated on my 2012 vision board.  As usual my board is filled with athletic challenges to encourage me to run & mountain bike more; new challenges like learning to actually do my own bike maintenance; and cook “mo ‘betta” vegetarian meals my husband will LOVE!  Of course another section of my board inspires me to live a stronger yoga life.  When I say “stronger” I mean more daily home yoga asana time & philosophy study, taking more time for meditation & pranayama as well as just write, write, write more & more.

By now in my new age journey, (since 1994 at least) I should be able to quote who first stated “suffering is optional”.  My guess is the Buddha gets first dibs on it though the point is the same regardless of who stated it or how.  All I know is through a strong yoga practice, I’ve personally realized suffering is optional.

At every moment in our lives we have a choice:  be happy or suffer.  Of course, sometimes its not that black and white.  Yet I believe (and I’ve experienced) even in the grey moments/situations we have the authority within to decide to either be “p*ssed off” about it or “let it go”.  It’s not always this easy in every situation but its nice to know in advance we have options.

The point is just as I was about to tape the statement Suffering is Optional on my 2012 vision board I realized “I already live this; I just need to breathe and remind myself every now and again”.

3 responses to this post.

  1. Yes, that is also one of the many sticky messages in my mind.

    A lot of things is life is subject to our own free will.

    Have a nice day.:)


  2. Posted by Hailey on January 2, 2012 at 11:21 pm

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    Hailey William


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