Dearest Dharma Thoughts

During my recent time up at the Dharma Yoga Center in NYC I was so blessed to hear many thoughts from Sri Dharma Mittra.  I feel it’s part of my responsibility (see my previous post:  Look Out) to share them.  So not to overwhelm you (or me) here are 5 to start.

Instructions:  Read, contemplate and put them into action.  Result = joy!

Control the mouth –what goes in & what goes out.  “If you can control the mouth, you can control the mind.”

“Don’t be attached” —to the practice, bliss, perfection or imperfection.

Dreams pass.  “Let everything be like a dream.”

“When you know what is non-self, the Self appears.”

Reflect constantly.  “Go to sleep and reflect on the universe.”

Bonus thought:  “Wherever you go, go with all of your heart.”  These were not spoken by Dharma but rather found in my Yogi Tea bag on day #2 of the week.

One response to this post.

  1. I’m not a yogi, but the sustained practice that’s necessary to yoga is, as a writer, something I draw on frequently. I was writing this morning about a yoga teacher in Philadelphia whose language about practice, and the openness that it creates, draws both on the logic of the last idea that you referenced, of going with all of your heart (as I travel for a year, I find that to be more difficult, but more important, the further from home I get) and of engaging in a practice, in his case, in yoga, that makes the process of going with your heart that much more possible. Do you think the practice and the ability to keep your heart together are linked?


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