Look Out

As many of you know I spent this Fall working on my 500-hour yoga teacher training certification in NYC with Sri Dharma Mittra at his main temple/yoga center.  I did the training to expand my yoga teaching knowledge and propel my personal practice of pranayama, meditation and asana.  Of course, I did that.  Though unexpectedly, I received so much beyond what I could have ever anticipated.  To the point, I don’t think I can fully articulate it but here goes…

I have a huge responsibility ahead of me.  The very last thing Dharma said to us on Sunday night 11/20 at the closing/certification ceremony is “you are now part of the greatest army on the planet.  and our mission is to save souls.”  At first I thought, that’s a cool way to look at it.  Within a few hours it hit me:  I need to spread the power of yoga -specifically Dharma’s yoga of love and service (aka karma yoga).

I woke up the next morning (Monday) feeling different.  Fede, my good friend and Dharma sadhaka, and I enjoyed a long walk with coffee 🙂 in her Brooklyn neighborhood.  The air was fresh, the sky open, the city calm and I was at complete peace.  My entire skin felt as if it was radiating peace.  I felt lighter on the inside and a strong sense I was beaming with Dharma’s compassionate energy.

It’s now Tuesday (just 48 hours since the “saving souls” statement) and I realize I can’t just “hoard” this experience of feeling his compassionate energy (remember:  practice aparigraha/non-hoarding at all times).  I need to live and share it.  I need to be a better version of Melody and allow compassion to shine forth in every single thing I do, say and think.  Trickier than it is to write, but it is possible.  And I know by doing so I will inspire others to find their light, live their best and be a shining example to all those they in turn encounter.

I am on a mission to help a mini-army of souls that will in turn eventually radiate the same level of passion I currently have for spreading love and service.  Honestly, I didn’t think this training would shift me much -some, but not this much!  My guess is this is just the first of many shifts to come as a result of spending so much time in the presence of Sri Dharma Mittra.  A wave of responsibility has filled me and all I can say is “look out world here I come.”  In loving service of Sri Dharma Mittra, Melody

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  1. Congratulations! I found completing my teacher training absolutely overwhelming, and I’ll always remember my teacher saying: “This is not the end. This is the beginning.” Inspiring others is such a huge responsibility but so rewarding! Good luck for your teachings 🙂


  2. Posted by Ka Mei Cheuk on November 23, 2011 at 9:39 am

    Love your post, Melody!


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