The Only Constant: Change

“I’m coaching you to dance with the one constant in life:  change.  Do you choose stagnation or the unknown?  Every choice you make can propel you toward change or keep you in the same dulling, suffocating box.  Change is rebirth.  When a caterpillar weaves herself into a chrysalis and undergoes metamorphosis, she emerges as a butterfly, bearing only the merest resemblance to her earlier form.  Transformation can be really exciting, but we have to tolerate an incredible period of vulnerability when we emerge from the chrysalis, unfurling our very wet, very fragile wings.  We discover that none of the old rules apply – not even how we nourish our new selves.  Leaves don’t cut it any more; only nectar will do.

I’ve learned to recognize that with every change, I’m going to end up in new territory -whether I embrace it, shed my chrysalis, and evolve or go down kicking and screaming.  I’ve done it both ways and the choice is clear:  I like to go through my changes with some amount of elegance and balance.”

The above paragraphs are not my words at all.  As it is typed here, these words are straight from Ana Forrest’s book Fierce Medicine  (bottom of page 240).  Since I have felt such a huge connection when I first read the above sentences back in June, and every single time since then, I was inspired to share.  These words truly resonate with where I am in my life now, the journey with Dharma Mittra I’m about to embark on and the way I’ve learned to view life over the last few years.

My life hasn’t always been filled with elegance & balance but I can say today I try to step in that direction every chance I get (& remember!) and help inspire others to do the same.  And every time I read page 240 from Ana’s book, it serves as a huge reminder to me every single second of life offers change.  It’s up to each of us, me and you, to change with it.

Whether you are new to yoga or own 4, 5 or 6 yoga mats, this book will give you many things to ponder, appreciate (I feel even more grateful for my childhood after reading about hers) and take charge of in your life.  Fierce Medicine is one of the best books I’ve read in a long time.  Even if you’re not a huge yoga fan or Ana Forrest lover, I guarantee something powerful will jump off at least one of the pages for you if you read this book with an open mind .

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