Time to Pause

This summer I was planning to have a lot of time on my hands, or a lot more than usual I should say.  I created a long “to do” list to tackle June-August.  I will spare you the details; highlights only:

  •  write/blog more —clearly the blog has been neglected.  Though I’ve been writing, I can’t seem to find the time to transfer my writings from paper to computer.
  • revamp my website —abellaYoga.com is in dire need of a face lift.  Of course, the process so far of interviewing marketing/web designers is taking longer than planned.  Another meeting today, wish me luck!
  • practice a lot of yoga —this I can check off the list.  I have been practicing almost every day and my shoulders and hips are crazy open.  Well, this is true most days.  That’s the crazy thing with yoga —you never know what you’ll experience until you jump on the mat.
  • tackle some personal projects —like creating a Will for my husband and I (ugh!), obtaining new life insurance policies (almost done), shredding a big pile of papers (checked this off yesterday), organizing files (check!), etc.

So I was so excited back in April/May when I figured out how I could create my M-F yoga teaching schedule so that I have Wednesdays off starting mid-June.  Though between going to NYC a few times (to practice with Dharma Mittra) and catching up with people for lunch, both professional and personal lunches (like with my sister & niece for our annual summer crab feast!), my free summer Wednesdays have been jam- packed.

As I mentioned above in the third bullet, with yoga you never know what you’ll find/experience until you’re on your mat and I’m finding this often holds true with my calendar.  Wednesdays appear wide-open but then the flow of life seems to fill in the void.  I wouldn’t say I’m wasting time either.  I’ve had a lot open space on Wednesdays this summer to pause & reflect (brainstorming some great biz ideas!), reading/prepping for my advanced teacher training approaching next month and networking in new circles.  I feel these unplanned items are just as critical for my growth as are the laundry list of items I have yet to fully tackle.

Of course I’m not making any $$$ on Wednesdays this summer (most local yoga teachers only get paid when they teach —ie. no vacation pay), but I don’t think $$$ can buy the opportunities, space and personal & professional reflection time I’ve enjoyed this summer.  I’ve even had a few surprises appear along the way.

Time to pause is just as essential as taking the time to plan and write out the “to do” list.  Planning is what I do well the majority of the year.  Pausing, as I’ve enjoyed this summer, is not something I’m use to but finding it is so needed.  We miss out on so much beauty and inspiration when we are moving full speed ahead.  Slow down. Pause.  Smell the flowers at your feet.  There’s so much magic, wealth and peace when you can take the time to truly pause.  PS –My mini-pause this summer from my blog is over.  I will be back here soon.

One response to this post.

  1. “you never know what you’ll experience until you jump on the mat” yeah I hear you there! It can be frustrating sometimes when you come to the mat and you don’t feel as supple as the last time (normally Saturday morning workshops for me!) but I guess that’s part of what keeps it interesting 😉


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