yAY YogA!

It’s no secret I practice yoga asana a lot.  On a good week I hit the mat 6 days to enjoy my personal yoga practice.  On an off week, I may only get to it 5 times.

Sure there are days I don’t feel like practicing but I know time on my sticky mat, even if it’s only a mini-session of 20-30 minutes, will shift my energy, clear my mind and support my teaching.  There are also times when I’m presented with sweet surprises in the midst of my practice session – such as when I explore/fool around in a pose I do frequently or attempt a pose I don’t think I can do and voilà, I do it.

Yet there are definitely days where the rewards I’ve just mentioned aren’t enough to bribe me to even unroll my mat.  Or I make it to the mat and I’d rather flee from it mid-way through my practice.  With this all said, I’ve created a new mantra “yAY YogA!” to help me when the going gets rough.  Yes, written as I wrote it here and I say it with enthusiasm.

It’s crazy I know but saying it to myself lightens me up and reminds me of how lucky I am to be able to practice yoga as often as I do.  It reminds me how lucky I am to have a healthy body to support me in my practice and do what might appear to non-yogis as a bit crazy at times.  It also reminds me that I am blessed to be making a living teaching something I’m so passionate about.  So to that I have to say “yAY YogA!”

Of course, I can’t contain my new mantra so I recently blurted it out to a few of my students who looked like they would rather be sitting on the beach than moving through their lunchtime office yoga practice.  I’m a goofball I know but the funny thing, it appears it might be working for a few of them.  For instance, visualize the gentlemen in the back row of my class yesterday who landed in savasana dripping in sweat.  The room was silent and he blurted out “yAY YogA!” and a sea of smiles lit up the room as everyone eased into final relaxation.  yAY YogA!

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