What’s Your Favorite Pose?

As some of you already know, I entered the Yoga Journal Talent Search contest.  The entry was two parts —submit a picture of yourself in your favorite yoga pose, and state how yoga has inspired you.  Let’s tackle part one here.

Really, who has just one favorite yoga pose?!?!?!  There are very few poses I don’t like —and usually I don’t experience them unless I take an advanced Ashtanga class.  Even then, I often experience a glimmer of goodness and sense of humility while in the pose.

So what fav pose pic did I submit?  Baddha Ardha Chandrasana (bound half-moon pose, aka sugar cane).  In fact it is just ONE of many fav asanas I adore.  And for as many favorite asanas I have,  I also have just as many ways in which yoga has inspired me —which I’ll address this in my next blog entry.

Specific to asanas/postures…one of the biggest things I love is the mystery offered as you venture into a posture.  There is always the base/root posture and the sensations you feel while you’re there.  And if you get bored there, well it’s time to venture on.  Almost every root posture offers a chance to grow and blossom into other pose variations.  Often, particularly when we are new to a pose, we seek to simply accomplish the base pose.  Our ego provides us with a nice pat on the back or a giant “I DID IT!” for perfecting what we think in that moment is the perfect pose.

Though asana, as with life, always has more to offer.  As soon as we think we’ve figured it all out, there’s a surprise around the corner.  Another view, each asana is also like Sunday.  Sunday is traditionally known as being the start of each new week and for some “the day of rest”.  For me, Sunday is the day to prep for the week ahead as Mon – Sat usually always demands more.  Another analogy…in order to reach the top of the mountain, you have to start from the bottom and move step by step (unless you own a helicopter).  And it’s in each step where a sense of discovery and awe arise, and that’s  way before you even arrive to the tip.

So when I picked bound 1/2 moon, I realized I love Warrior II, Triangle, Extended Side Angle, Ardha Chandrasana —all possible pre-postures that lead you to the bound version of half moon.  Again, I ask who has just one favorite pose?  And if you do, how is that possible?

2 responses to this post.

  1. Congrats on the Yoga Journal Talent Search, I’m sure it will be fun! Looking forward to your posts about it. I think Ustrasana, camel pose is one of my favorites because it can be very relaxing and freeing if you just let go and try not to control yourself too much. There’s also that neat little child’s pose “break” afterwards ;-)!


  2. Bird of Paradise!


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