Accept “What Is”

Life is always talking to us.  The question is “are we listening?”  We usually only listen when it’s something we want to hear —something positive such as soothing words, fun music or children laughing.  Internal positive sensations such as the high generated from a long run or an energetic yoga practice are other things we often pay attention to because they make us feel good.  But what about the painful sounds, sensations and vibrations we often hear internally and externally?  Our tendency is to resist vs. accept them for what they are.

I learned today a root canal is in my near future (next Tuesday!) so I find it fitting this article “Suffering is Optional” just landed in my inbox this evening.  It’s also ironic that pre-dentist appointment/root canal news today I had just taught a corporate yoga class in DC and spoke of contentment (santosha) —learning to accept everything life throws our way.

Accepting doesn’t mean we simply tolerate an unpleasant situation.  It means we learn how to be open to “what is” in all situations.   It means we learn how to sit in the midst of the chaos, pain or whatever label you give it and use the time to discover creative solutions rather than flee.  It means fully understanding that all moments, good and bad, make up what we call LIFE.  This actually reminds me of a quote I read in The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari…”when you miss out on the moments, you miss out on your life.”

As I prepare for my surgery next week, this YJ article is a nice reminder that suffering is optional.  We all experience suffering in more ways than one, many many times in life.  It’s how we decide to handle it each experience that’s key.  It’s always our choice to work through it or flee.

So as I prep to sit in the dentist chair next week my yogic breathing, mantra of the day and all the other lovely tools I’ve acquired in my yoga journey will help me accept “what is”.  In your journey of accepting, I wish you peace in whatever life throws your way.  As the Buddha taught, everything changes.  Nothing remains the same forever.

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  1. what ever you have said in the above post is fascinating as we think and s an ultimate reality. Life always talks to us but a few of us listens.. hope we are helping people to listen to their mind and body for a healthy life with a fit body and strong mind through teaching yoga


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