What’s Your 2011 Focus?

A month ago I shared with you all my vision board (VB) project and my initial reservations about doing it.  Well, I’m here to report I’m pleasantly shocked by its magic.  It has only been a month and I’ve already had an amazing experience in connecting with that $1.50 piece of bright blue cardboard.

One of my shout out phrases on that board is “get focused”.  I recalled it today as I was driving by the bookstore and thought about stopping to browse.  Then I said to myself “stay focused”.  This concept/power phrase I have on my VB also came up recently as I was reading A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson.  She writes “We get in life that which we focus on.  Focus on the light brings us into the  light.”  This really resonated with me given my VB.

Need some focus and don’t have a VB?  The power of focus can still be yours.  As I recently suggested to students in a corporate yoga class I taught, bring to mind just one of your goals/intentions for 2011.  How can you incorporate it into your yoga practice right here, right now — or just every day life?  For example, maybe your goal is to be more artistic this year — pick up painting again or sculpting/pottery for the first time — then practice also being creative on your yoga mat and in other areas of your life.  Creative expression doesn’t have to be limited to something that can only be done on the weekends or periodically (when you have time).

If your intention is to cook new recipes or garden/grow your own herbs & veggies, then insert the practice of patience into your life as often as possible, i.e. while sitting in traffic or standing in line for your morning cup of Starbucks.  Or maybe your intention is to begin networking more (for professional reasons) or simply reconnect with long lost friends.  If so, practice connecting with yourself by taking time to focus on your breath periodically throughout the day.  Even better, step outside for a long walk, breathe to your hearts content and connect to yourself with nature surrounding you on all sides.  A deep connection with others requires a deeper connection with ourselves.

Find a way to turn your goals/intentions into small daily rituals (see my last post).  Pick a quality from just one resolution/aspiration that you want to cultivate and bring it to life daily.  Focus on your intentions/goals and they become reality.

Toss out the idea that you “don’t have time”.  It’s an excuse.  Maybe you can’t touch your paint brush or open the new cookbook until May.  At the very least figure out how to experience the qualities of your resolution(s) by finding & focusing on them in other areas of your life, even the most mundane.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Life is so fascinating! I just finished my vision board and then I opened this. I have been in awe of the power of vision boards.
    Thanks for sharing because it struck me that there must be some kind of quantum communication taking place for me to see this right after finishing… WOW, right?


  2. Hi there,

    Excellent article on goal setting and achieving. Thanks for sharing.

    I am glad to reach your blog through a tag link of my latest post by a guest writer – My journey from technology to yoga.

    With regards.



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