MOM = Meaning of Mom

Google results for the definition of  “Mom” are as follows:

  1. My Organic Market (the local organic grocery near my house)
  2. Short for Mother, Momma or Mommy
  3. Abbreviation for Middle of Month
  4. A woman who has given birth to a child

Though I am not a Mom, I can tell you definition #4 doesn’t do Moms justice.  Great (even just so-so) Moms do more than simply give birth.  Not only do they raise their children — providing food & shelter, teaching values, doting and/or providing comfort when needed — they continue to be there as the child turns into adult.  As an adult, I don’t necessarily have the exact same values, hobbies, beliefs as my parents.  I no longer need my Mom (and Dad) to provide me with food and shelter.  I will admit I do still like the doting/comfort she provides -sometimes when least expected.

So at 38, I had an epiphany last night of who my Mom has become to me.  While I was decorating our holiday tree with Elvis Christmas music playing in the background (thanks to Mom’s influence), I was thinking  about how I no longer really consider my Mom just a Mom.  Of course, she will always be my Mom.  Yet as I have grown she has become more of a friend – a really good friend I can call day or night to talk about anything I need to talk about.

I recall in my younger years having jealous moments of friends and their relationships with their Moms.  They seemed so cool.  Their Moms seemed like friends vs. authority figures.  Heck, I recall about a year ago watching my yogini/blogger friend Peg flying (an acroyoga term) her daughter Meg after an Ashtanga class we had all attended together.  Rather than admiring them for the acroyoga, I was thinking “wow, they are so lucky to a) get along so well as Mother and Daughter, and b) be able to do yoga together.”

So as I put ornaments on the tree last night I suddenly realized, I am so lucky to have a Mom who now feels more like a good friend.  She didn’t just birth me as Google definitions would state, she has stuck around to cheer me on as I continue through life doing things that may seem a little crazy to her at times.  No longer does she tell me “no”.  No longer does she question me.  She has become a supportive friend who I love dearly.  Thanks Mom!

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by therese on December 5, 2010 at 8:14 pm

    Melody. What a lovely tribute! Brought tears to my eyes reading this. You are very very lucky to have that kind of relationship. And I’m sure your Mother is very proud to have you as a daughter/friend. She did a wonderful job raising you and I’m sure your attributes of being kind, caring and your genuine love of life comes from her!!!


  2. Posted by perfectsplit on December 5, 2010 at 11:17 pm

    I would not consider #4 a definition of the word, “Mom”. #4 is the definition of a biological mother, not a social mother. My definition of a social mother is a woman who raises a child in the traditional social role of a mother, nurturing and providing care. She may or may not be genetically related to the child in question. The term “Mom” is slang for a social mother, in my opinion.


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