‘Tis the season to start the gratitude discussions.  It begins about this time of the year (Thanksgiving) and runs through December.  But as I recently read in Savor, Thich Nhat Hanh’s new book, shouldn’t every day be a day of thanks?

We all have reasons to be thankful on a daily basis.  Regardless of how big or small, there is inspiration in every positive thing we have and/or happens to us – the food we have to eat, people we know and/or love, the many things we possess, the shelter that keeps us warm, our health and (add your own).  If we are truly present to what is happening, it’s obvious life is full of wealth.  Even in a negative situation, a positive can be found.

Taken directly from Savor, page 235:

Every year on the third Thursday of November, Americans celebrate the national holiday of Thanksgiving, which has its roots in the centuries-old Native American tradition of celebrating and giving thanks for the harvest.  With our realization of the interdependent nature of what and who are needed so that we can eat well and stay active every day, Thanksgiving should be celebrated not just once a year.  It should be celebrated more frequently -like…every day.  Make a habit of thanking silently all those whom you are connected to and dependent on.

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