Feeling Fall

The chill is in the air.  Pumpkins are for sale.  Halloween decor is out.  I’m so not ready for Fall but it is here.  Fall is now.

Rather than wishing it was still Summer, I need to open up to all of Fall’s offerings now.  Otherwise the next thing you know, it will be Winter.  Then I’ll wonder “what happen to Fall”.

Embrace “what is” vs. resisting is a practice I’ve learned on my yoga mat.  I often catch myself needing this lesson in everyday life.  Learning to accept and appreciate where I am (i.e., in a yoga posture) vs. wishing I was somewhere else (i.e. in a more advanced expression of the posture).  Waking up to being grateful for the life I have vs. dreaming of a different life or coveting a friend’s.  The grass might appear greener on the other side but there’s beauty in the grass right under my feet if I take the time to look at it instead of peering elsewhere.

So the lesson I share…Every moment we have a choice to either accept where things are or reject.  By accepting, there’s plenty of opportunity to explore, learn and grow.  By rejecting, the door of possibilities is closed shut – possibility of what the new season brings, what newness will show up in life and/or what is possible on the yoga mat.

So here it is…happy Fall!  I’m here for you.

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