Put It Out There

Put what out where?  Five to ten years ago when people use to say to me “whatever you want just put it out in the universe and you’ll get it”, it always sounded like hocus pocus/hokey/nonsense.  Now tell me to “put it out there” and I’m all over it.

Prime example is when I finished my meditation practice this morning at home, I thought I really could use a great backbending yoga class to start my Saturday.  As I had planned last night, I arrived to the 7:45am class at Pure Prana this morning in Old Town Alexandria and the teacher says “the theme today is compassion.  opening your heart to yourself and others.”  Okay, I’m not much into “theme” classes but when she said that I was like “was I talking to you this morning after my meditation?”  Magically, I got the heart opening practice I needed.

Ask and you shall receive!  Obviously, it’s not always this easy.  The point is if you really want something and put your energy into wanting it, it is possible to get it.  Whether it’s talking about it to others, meditating on it or taking baby action steps towards it, these are all ways to potentially turn your intention/goals/whatever it is into reality.

Know that it can often require a ton of patience.  Also, know that sometimes you won’t get exactly what you wish for whatever reason.  Maybe because it’s not the right time/place for it in your life today.  Or as you “put it out there” something else may pop into place that’s even bigger and better than you ever could have imagined!

Try it!  What have you got to lose?

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  1. On this subject of asking the universe for what you want…I was truly inspired by the book “Wishing: How to Fulfill Your Heart’s Desires”. Have you read it?


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