Back on Board!

No journaling.  No blogging.  No me just spilling words out.  It’s been over 3 months!

The longer I’ve been away, the harder it has been to sit and find the time.  So I purposely showed up early for Thai dinner in Shirlington last night (meeting a yoga girlfriend/fellow teacher in a little pocket of Arlington) to sit and simply write.  Me, my pen and journal…ahhh, it felt so right.

What will I write?  No clue but it was such a huge relief to put the pen to paper.  The funny thing is I’m not much of a writer, yet I find a sweet release in the process.  It’s therapeutic.  The page is blank and anything is possible!

In many ways, writing is like practicing  yoga asana, meditation and surfing.  You can’t just talk about any of them to really know them.  You have to do them to get them.  And like yoga, writing is an experience – unique to each individual.  And speaking of being in the moment (like meditation and surfing) I never know exactly what is going to come out of the pen until I sit and do it.  So as I was journaling this, I had no plan.  I simply started writing with the intention of getting myself back on board with the experience and reconnecting with you, my readers.  Sorry for the long pause.  I am back on board.  Or should I say I’m back on the journal since I don’t own a surf board.  I just live vicariously through Michelle of 210 days of waves.

More to come, sooner rather than later!

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