Blessed -part II

Another reason I feel so blessed by the last month or so is that I’ve stumbled upon a huge turning point in my yoga journey.  I’ve discovered I’m in a place in my yoga practice where I’m really not all that into learning fancy yoga poses and then returning to them on the mat until the next time.  I’m way more curious about digging into the Yoga Sutras and trying to live yoga vs. wrapping my feet behind my head.

I definitely believe some of this self-realization could be a result of being in the presence of so many great teachers within a short period of time this Spring, yet it might also stem from my of 2010 New Year’s resolution to meditate daily.  Committing to meditation has given me a new perspective on many things.  Though this new discovery in my yoga journey could also be a result of one of my main intentions for this year:  to live life as a better person.

This intention is what has really come alive for me over the last month as a result of being with these great teachers.  How can I be a better person on this planet today; not how can I be a better yoga asana practitioner.  Again, who cares if I can wrap my legs around my head?

I’m living based on thinking what can I do to continue to feel and be blessed every moment, and at the same time help others feel the same way.  Ultimately as a yoga teacher, how can I help my students realize they are blessed and they have the power to show others the same.

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  1. Posted by Tasneem R on May 7, 2010 at 1:52 am

    Ok that’s nice of you to think so much about your students . You are a true teacher who thinks not only thinks like a teacher but also like a well wisher and a friend .

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  2. im in a similar place with my personal practice. of course, who knows where will it will go at any given time!


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