Be Playful

I often tell my students to treat the yoga mat like an adult playground.  The yoga mat is the one place where we can truly express ourselves.  It’s a safe environment to be creative, explorative and completely free.  If you can’t be playful in your yoga practice then more than likely you’re not playful in your life.

Self-expression (being you!) is about being playful.  And your yoga practice should be a means of true self-expression at the highest level.  No holding back!  Feeling free to express yourself on your yoga mat leads to opportunities to be creative in other areas of your life.  And when you’re creative, life is more fun, full of possibilities and simply just flows the way it should.

The next time you unroll your yoga mat (and every time thereafter), move with a sense of wonderment and curiosity.  What’s possible in the moment?  When you play, anything is?  When you stop playing, you stunt your growth and ultimately stunt your life.

Never stop exploring.  Be passionate about being curious.  Learn more about you – the unique, beautiful individual you are – by simply being playful.

One response to this post.

  1. this is great.

    i think it’s even easier to be playful when, like now, the weather gets nice and you can ditch your mat. think outside the mat!


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