“There is more to life than increasing speed” Mahatma Gandhi

The translation of the Sanskrit word yoga is union.  Often yoga is referred to the union of body, mind and spirit.  Yoga is also defined as the union of the small self to the divine.  Regardless of the actual translation you prefer, one way to experience this concept of union is to pause.

For just one minute every morning, pause.  Pause thinking.  Pause doing.  Simply be.  Be with your breath.  Be with yourself.  Be in your life in the moment.

Pausing means taking the time to connect with the things that are important in life.  Pausing means listening to our intuition.  Pausing means listening to our hearts.  Pausing means taking time to smell the flowers.  Pausing means to be available to others who need you.

When we learn to pause, we learn to be available to life and all of its possibilities.  Pausing offers us a step towards self-discovery.  Ultimately by simply being in pause, we are able to connect with our essence.  Our essence is who we really are; not who we want to be, who others want us to be or who we think we should be.

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  1. I love this post about pausing! My slogan for my business “Front Porch Yoga” is “A Place to Pause”. We forget to stop and reflect in the midst of the busy rapid-fire lifestyles our culture promotes. Thank goodness yoga brings us back to NOW.


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