Why do you look in the mirror?  What do you say to yourself when you see your reflection?  Are you kind to YOU?

A few of the places I teach corporate yoga classes have mirrors in the yoga space.  I’m not a fan of mirrors in yoga because for many students they can be distracting.  Mirrors assist students in judging themselves and just as equally judging those around them.  Comparisons and competitive thoughts arise such as why don’t I look like him.  Why doesn’t my Warrior I look like the picture in Yoga Journal?  Look at the size of my “*?!*”  The negative self-talk can be endless.

When I teach in a room with mirrors, I try to strategically position the students in a way that offers them the least chance of seeing their reflection.  Inevitably someone can’t resist looking over to check themselves out.  When I catch them in the act, I encourage them to say “I love you”.  Or something as equally goofy as “you’re the best!”  And as goofy as it sounds, what’s wrong with complimenting yourself positively?

This leads me to an article I read in The Washington Post today.  As morbid as it sounds, I quote “Suicides outnumber homicides in America, making self-hatred more lethal than violence by others”.  I found this to be shocking and very sad.  How different would we each feel about ourselves if we cultivated a daily habit of looking in the mirror and saying something nice to ourselves vs. criticizing and wishing to see something/one else?  I realize this isn’t going to prevent those with suicidal tendencies but maybe it’s a start towards a little self-love.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Thank you for the reminder, self love is so important, especially with the constant imagery showing us how we “should be”


  2. i like: “You are fabulous!”… you can compliment it with a Beyonce “Single Ladies”-style hand motion 🙂


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