Feeling Fluid

Moving with greater awareness of my breath as I walk, read, drive, fall asleep, whatever.  Meditating daily.  Hitting my yoga mat a solid 6 days a week.  I’m feeling a shift and it’s more than physical.  In many ways it’s like I have a new relationship with myself, and the key to keeping this relationship healthy is communicating with my body.  Listening to where it feels open and how can I find even more lightness.  Equally, listening to the aches and finding solutions.

Often I wonder what my life would be like without yoga.  What would I feel like?  Would I have poor posture?  Would my attitude towards others and presence in life be different?  Would I be just as happy as I am today?

I have these same thoughts of wonderment when I get my monthly massage.  The kinks, knots, toxins and tension don’t dissolve without some loving assistance.  If I didn’t listen to my body and take the time to address them , would I just get use to feeling continually tight and achy?  Would living with a sense of being weighed down be the norm?

I now realize that not being aware of the importance of moving and breathing is a key factor in how many people become so disconnected with their bodies.  As a yoga teacher I have worked with students who act as if just a little movement and bodily sensation is awkward for them.  It’s as if they are moving their bodies for the first time since they were 5 years old.

I feel lucky to have yoga in my life.  It keeps me centered and grounded.  At the same time, it keeps me strong and flexible.  I have great posture — both standing on my feet as well as my hands 🙂  And though I’ve been practicing yoga for over 15 years, it’s really in the last year or so I have discovered another entire level of myself.  Again, it’s like a new relationship and I’m still enjoying the flirtatious stage.

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  1. Great entry! We will definitely link to this on our FB, Twitter and blog. We just had a breast cancer survivor write a blog entry for us about how yoga helped her!



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