Power of Community

I spent the past week surrounded by the beauty of Breckenridge, CO.  The cold (below 0 temps) doesn’t sit well with me but the peace of the mountains is hard to beat.  I skiied a few days (3 to be exact), meditated daily, practiced yoga every morning before sunrise (which wasn’t hard to do) and read a lot.

When it was time to return home on Saturday, I was ready.  I had already marked my calendar for a class at Flow Yoga on 2/7/2010, my Sunday afternoon ritual.  Unfortunately, Mother Nature had another plan (aka D.C. snowstorm) so I was delayed getting back to my routine by two days.

The benefit of the delay was I had the chance to take a group yoga class at the local yoga studio, Shivaya Yoga.  Advertised as HOT vinyasa yoga, it wasn’t exactly what I’m used to here in D.C.   Though what I realized was it didn’t really matter if the room wasn’t as hot & humid as I’m accustomed or the flow wasn’t as challenging.  What mattered was being in a space with like-minded people, breathing and moving together in a positive manner.  And though I practiced every morning on my own at the foot of the bed while my husband slept, it was this last practice in the local studio that felt the best.

There truly is power in practicing yoga in a group setting, aka community.  Whether words are exchanged or not, you ride on the energy of others.  Just the same, your presence (breath included) impacts others.  Part of creating a positive presence is dropping expectations, opening your eyes and just being with what is.  Someone actually asked me if I walked out of the yoga studio in Breckenridge because it wasn’t what I expected.  Of course not!  There is always something to learn from others.  If you are set in your ways, you miss out.  You miss out on learning something new.  You miss out on meeting amazing people.  You miss out on life!

Now, two days later than planned, I’m finally back home.  Home sweet home.  I went to my yoga community (local DC studio) this morning and practiced in a jam-packed room.  I left with what I needed –a good sweat, challenging flow and positive energy.  And tomorrow I look forward to a home practice in my little space surrounded by the reflection of white snow.

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  1. I’m glad you guys made it home! I wanted to send you the hard copy of this but you might still find it interesting electronically. It’s about all the yoga studios in santa cruz. How many yoga studios can one little town have? http://www.metrosantacruz.com/metro-santa-cruz/01.27.10/yoga-1004.html


    • Wow! 14 yoga studios is a lot for a town pop of 253K (yes, I looked it up!). DC’s population is more than double Santa Cruz’s and I recently read there are about 20 studios in the heart of the nation’s capital (meaning there are plenty more neighboring studios in Virginia & MD).


  2. Melody,

    Enjoyed reading your blog today. I totally agree with you, community is everything. And it is why I do what i do. I am glad that you for so many years have made the Down Dog Yoga Community your home.




  3. Thanks for reading. Stay warm!


  4. […] ease without constantly thinking “when is this going to end?”.  As I recently wrote in “Power of Community” on the abellaYoga blog, being surrounded by like-minded individuals alters as well as enhances the […]


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