Gift of Calm

Holiday parties are in full swing.  Year-end work projects must be completed in the next week.  Gift buying and wrapping is a sport for many this time of year.  And as if this wasn’t enough to do, life still needs to happen – grocery shopping, gym visits, bill paying, house cleaning, etc.  The reality is this can be one of the most chaotic times of the year.

How can you find calm in the midst of chaos?  Give yourself the gift of calm.  Simply stop and pause.  In the middle of the holiday hustle and bustle, take a few minutes several times a day for yourself to sit tall and simply breath.  An easy mantra I suggest to my yoga students:  breath in calm, breath out stress.  Repeat it five times, matching the each phrase to the appropriate breath (i.e. as you inhale, say “breath in calm”, as you exhale, breath out stress).

The gift of calm gives you the ability to sit in middle of chaos and find peace in your heart and bring a smile on your face. Your “to do” list won’t disappear but you may return to it with greater clarity.

I believe everyone, yogis and non-yogis alike, can unwrap the gift of calm.  Yogis might be a few steps ahead in receiving the benefits since they put it into practice every time they step into a challenging asana class.  Asana and meditation are disciplined practices that challenge us to find calm when resistance arises.

Whether you do yoga or not, is not important.  If you’re reading this, you’re human which means you possess the privilege of breathing.  And learning to pause and breath with full awareness can release physical tension, calm your mind and relax your heart.  These are gifts we all deserve.

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  1. Breath in and out systematically, really help one to reduce stress . This is what I normally do.


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