Let It Be Messy

Respectfully, some of the most famous artists can be considered the messiest.  Think of abstract expressionists for example, such as Willem de Kooning and Jasper Johns.  Their work can be looked at by some as sloppy yet it’s worth millions upon millions of dollars.  I love Jackson Pollock but he definitely doesn’t color inside the lines.

Patanjali describes yoga asana as being steady (sthira) and joyful (sukha).  He clearly doesn’t state yoga poses should be rigid and perfect.  Part of finding freedom, whether it’s on the yoga mat or painting on a blank canvas, is being our unique selves (no one is perfect) and letting go of rules (rigidity).

Next time you hit your yoga mat, be expressive in your practice.  Enter, explore and exit each asana with the sthira sukham asanam intention.  This intention enables us to balance effort with ease and fully be in the meditative aspect of the asana practice.   And it’s from this intention we discover that messy is okay and we each shine in our own way.

Each asana (yoga posture), as is life, is a process; they’re both masterpieces in progress.  There is always space to do better, be brighter and more at ease.  If you have to go outside the lines every now and then, do so with awareness.  If you make mistakes, learn from them rather than judge.  Do the best you can –even if it’s a little messy.  Be in it.  Be in the moment.  Be yourself.  Be okay with being a little messy.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Have you ever heard of stroga?


  2. i like this idea… that sometimes you won’t have the exact same sequence on both sides, that you may fall into a pose and not know how you ended up there. life is messy, why shouldn’t our yoga be?



    ps… i havent heard of stroga? whats that?


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