Savasana – Live It!

Final rest is what some students can’t wait for in a yoga class – as indicated by the many welcome sighs I often hear.  At least once a week, one of my Washington D.C. or Arlington, VA corporate yoga students will jokingly ask at the beginning of class “can we spend the entire hour in savasana?”

The truth is the blissful feelings generated in corpse pose – peace, joy, ease, lightness – are a result of what we put into our practice.  Really every pose in the asana practice should be about finding bliss and joy.  Ultimately whether we are on the yoga mat, in the office or at the dog park, every moment in our lives is an opportunity to explore ways to have more happiness, tranquility and freedom (or whatever adjective you want to use) as often as possible.

Aparigraha (Sanskrit for “letting go” and one of the primary ethical precepts of yoga) is one of the keys to finding savasana in your yoga practice.  Aparigraha is not just about letting go in your asana flow, but in your life flow.  Egotistic thoughts/actions, tension, worries, judging, anxiety and other stresses of this nature are often the result of thinking things should be a certain way.  Many times we impose a lot of restrictions on ourselves.

In life and asana practice if we just step back and pause (savasana), particularly in the face of conflict/tension, we might just discover that “letting go” is the answer.  The universe flows in mysterious ways – and many times it’s out of our control.  How you respond is always your choice:  flow with it (let go/savasana/forgive) or flow against it (resist/fight/grumble).

In savasana, corpse pose, we are invited to just “be”.  We are not asked to change anything.  We aren’t asked to do anything.  We are simply invited to let go and receive what the moment has to offer.  Being in the moment provides clarity particularly in challenging situations — fight or just be.  Savasana offers a glimpse of being in the flow of life.  And as brief as savasana may be, it is true bliss.  Seize it, enjoy it and learn to find savasana in your daily life!

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