Sweet Moments

Sweet moments in yoga are often those glimpses of silence within that invite joy, peace and/or lightness.  For me, they are the moments that bring a smile to my heart. This is what often brings us (at least me) back to the mat.

Though usually brief, sweet moments also happen repeatedly throughout our days even when we can’t make it to our yoga mat.  The first sip of morning coffee or hot tea.  Seeing a dear friend you haven’t seen in months.  Catching some time in the afternoon sun even though it might just be enough to get vitamin D. These moments create unexplainable sensations of being connected to our essence and purely being at ease with one’s self.

What brings a smile to your heart?  What lights up your face?  Whatever it is, find ways to bring more sweetness (sukha) into your life.  Then do more of it, even if it’s just a few minutes a day!  We only live once so why not make your life sweet vs. sour (dukha).

“Life is just a series of moments.  If you miss you the moments, you miss your life”  (Robin Sharma).

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