Live from the Heart

Speak from the heart.

Act from the heart.

Communicate from the heart.

Touch from the heart.

Shine from the heart.

Give from the heart.

Receive from the heart.

Live from the heart!

When I use to hear words like love, joy and heart, I immediately thought of someone who was soft, touchy-feely, etc.  Admittedly at one time, I was very “me” centered often putting myself before others.  However on the fiip-side, I had also been living with compassion for others but not necessarily for myself.

There has been a huge shift in me in the last couple of years.  I now have more compassion for myself, which has opened my heart to being completely “other” centered in everything I do.  It’s as if my heart has been cracked open.  And now when I hear the words love, joy and heart, I think of a person who lives with confidence, integrity and laughter.

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