Why do you keep doing Yoga Teacher Trainings?

If you’re already certified to teach yoga, why do you keep doing more teacher trainings?  Do you learn more advanced poses at these trainings?  Are the other attendees more or less advanced than you?  These are the types of questions I am often confronted with upon returning from a yoga teacher training.

My most recent answer took me even by surprise, let alone inspired my friend to question her career path.  Sure a few new postures are learned but yoga teacher trainings are really about learning more about one’s self, connecting with other teachers and gaining inspiration.  All of this happens by being challenged to answer hard questions, hold postures longer than I ever would want to and take a good look at my life and what’s holding me back from being bigger and better.  As I told my friend, if I’m not challenged, how can I challenge my students?  If I live in fear, I teach in fear.  If I don’t live from an authentic space –truly being who I am and capable of being –how can I expect my students to discover themselves?

Yoga is so much more than the physical postures.  My new definition of yoga:  Yoga is an adventurous process of self-discovery in which faith and curiosity rule vs. fear and status quo.  Whether it is riding my mountain bike down rock-covered hills and up tree-rooted dirt, skiing downhill, speaking in front of a large group or falling flat on my face in the middle of yoga class as I attempt a challenging arm balance, “keep the faith” and “I can do it” are now my new way of being.  With faith, grace inevitably shows up and soon enough fear is no longer a concern.  With faith and passion bursting from within, the “fear” ghost from my past is now fearful of the new me.

So how was Level II?  Why do I keep doing these trainings?  If you need more, let me know.  The simple answer is, Baron Baptiste’s Journey Into Power Level 2 Teacher Training in Montana ROCKED!  I can’t wait to go back for more.  In the meantime, I will live life and teach yoga like a ROCKSTAR!

3 responses to this post.

  1. Keep peeling back the layers of your self, until you’re not there anymore! Then you’ll be the best yoga teacher possible because YOU won’t be in the way anymore. :O)


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  3. Thanks for the links to your site. I’ll keep tabs on what you are posting …


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