How was Montana?

I have now been back for over a month from my 8-day yoga teacher training in Montana and continued to be ask “How was Montana?”  While others ask “Why do you keep doing more teacher trainings?”  Though it feels like so long ago, it was such an amazing experience that I still light up like a bright star when speaking about it.

As some of you may know from a previous blog post, I went to Montana the beginning of July for a Baron Baptiste Level II yoga teacher training.  One word wraps up the mountain-view & ranch (Feathered Pipe Ranch), training, my fellow attendees, Baron and his staff — AWESOME!  It was an experience I will never forget, from start to finish.  And the best part is I left D.C. (my home) with a bag full of fear and anxiety, and returned home with courage, passion and a new curiosity for life.

The thing I feared the most going into it was getting up in front of the group, teaching (in front of 50+ teachers) and receiving feedback.  It turned out to be nothing to fear.  In fact, my teaching stint lasted less than 1-2 minutes – for the entire week!  The fear I had was a tsunami was going to swallow me up (in the words of Naimi) and the reality is it simply felt like an 8-foot wave knocked me a round a tad.  Coming from a Delaware girl who has always had a huge fear of ocean waves, it really wasn’t much.  In fact, I need to plunge into those DE waves – minus the jelly-fish.  Hmmm…sounds like another fear is creeping in : )

The fear and story I created in my head around “doing it” was so much more nerve-racking than actually being in the moment and living it.  That’s how fear works; it’s like an ugly shadow that never leaves you until you have the confidence to turn around and face it.  In fact one of my new mantras from Level II is “have more faith than fear”.

To see the answer to the question about “why do you continue to do yoga teacher trainings”, you’ll have to read my next blog post.

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