If Yoga was a Magic Pill…

1)    People would be healthier –physically, mentally and emotionally
2)    More people would smile
3)    There would be less horns blaring
4)    We’d all instinctively wake-up in the morning & stretch like my dog
5)    We’d breathe to our full capacity vs. only 50% – 60-% which is average for many
6)    The world would be a better, more peaceful place
7)    There would be greater respect for religious differences/beliefs vs. hatred
8)    We’d live every moment of life as if it were “the” moment
9)    There would be less huffing & puffing in the long line at Starbucks
10)  We’d see beauty in everyone vs. judgement
11)   We’d love every inch of who we are -no need for Botox and plastic surgery
12)  We’d live out of faith rather than fear                              
13)  We’d be “other-centered” vs. self-centered (learned this at Level II)
14) We’d live life to its fullest expression -why hold back?!?!?

Lastly, if yoga was a magic pill I would make it my duty (karma yoga) to give it away to everyone I encounter vs. selling the $35/month supply of Happy Pills I saw yesterday at my local Smoothie King.

2 responses to this post.

  1. I found your blog recently and have been enjoying reading it. I just wanted to say hi and how much I love this post.


  2. YES! Great blog.

    Never Stop Movin’!


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