Celebrate Life!

Last Wednesday (May 27), I turned 37.  Not really a magical birthday number but since the moment I woke up that day, I’ve been blessed with many, many birthday wishes and treats –facebook, birthday cards, e-cards, phone calls, cocktails, lunches/brunches, dinners, gifts, flowers.  I even received a purple, thickly feathered boa with a matching tiara.  Don’t believe me?  See my facebook profile pic for proof!

What I’ve realized over the last week is the best gifts in life are immeasurable –relationships.  Relationships equate to love, learning and laughter.  Of course they also include tears and tension, but it’s from those traits that we grow, become stronger as individuals and strengthen our bonds (relationships).

Every day since my actual birthday I have received something which is wild to me but very much appreciated.  I’m certain the end of the fun, gifts and wishes will be ending in the near future.  But I’m also certain I will continue to be blessed by my many dear friends and family throughout the year.  Just having them in my life, makes life worth celebrating!

So is it coincidence on the 8th day of entering my 38th year of life (as my Mom would say) that I was given a t-shirt that reads “Celebrate Life!”  My dear friend Paula who owns Dancing Mind Yoga, a Baptiste Affiliate Studio in Northern Virginia/DC area, gave it to me as I recently committed to teaching weekly at her studio.

We usually think of celebrations in life as events with lots of people (those we have relations with), occurring in a group/party format.  And yes, this past week of birthday festivities falls in that category for me.  But celebrating life is also about what we do for ourselves –the accomplishments we achieve and goals we reach.  By committing to teaching at Dancing Mind Yoga, I’m committing to a community and a new path of growth.  Growth, commitment and overcoming fear/obstacles always give way to celebration.

Again, I go back to relationships/connections.  It’s the students in the new studio that will challenge me and force me to show up in more ways than one.  These are different relationships than friends and family but nonetheless just as important in the celebration of my life.

Thanks to all who have made the entrance into my new year so very special! It truly has been, and continues to be, a memorable birthday week in more ways than I can express.  I feel humbled and honored by all the attention I’ve received and ecstatic about my “new year” ahead.

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  2. Hey, Happy Belated Birthday! It was my 35th birthday on the same day, what kismit. I feel that this year (very much so in the weeks leading up to my birthday and the weeks since) is going to be a very introspective year, pondering on my place in the universe, and developing – extending – my compassion and kindness towards others. How lucky are we?!


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