Why Do You Do Yoga?

As a yoga student/teacher I have come to learn that each yogi and yogini has a different reason for why they get on their yoga mats.  What’s your reason?  What is your intention for practicing this ancient blend of science/philosophy and movement (asana) that offers health, balance, peace and ultimately enlightenment?

Think about it.  Your reason may be different every single time you practice.  One day you might practice with the intent of cultivating patience for yourself and others.  The next practice you might commit to practicing for a feeling of peace, internally and worldwide.  Or maybe you simply practice to get toned arms and abs.  If your reason is the same each time that’s okay too, but be honest.  As we practice more, we grow more and ultimately change for the better on many levels.

My assumption is there’s a common thread in everyone’s intention for practicing asana – we all do yoga to feel better.  “Better” can have a different meaning for each practitioner.  Better can mean healthy and vibrant.  Better can mean to feel more confident.  Or maybe better for you is stronger and beautiful.  There are a slew of translations for better.  I invite you to discover yours.

Start to become clear as to why you practice and be okay with what the reason is however crazy it might sound.  An honest commitment/intention gives your practice meaning and eventually will carry itself off the mat and into your life.  As Gandhi said “A man is but the product of his thoughts.  What he thinks, he becomes.”

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