Why Prenatal Yoga?

Yoga is an ideal form of fitness to alleviate the well-known discomforts of pregnancy including back pain, swelling, constipation and fatigue. Yoga asana is also a great way to strengthen and build stamina in the muscles used during childbirth as well as explore how to use the power of breath to enhance your ability to relax.

As your body changes and your baby grows, yoga can give you confidence and ease enabling you to connect with the inner workings of your body. Yoga can help you develop a greater sense of self-acceptance and heighten your intuition. On an emotional level, yoga can enhance your ability to readjust to continuous hormonal and other internal changes as well as give you a greater sense of mental peace.

Whether you’re pregnant and new to yoga, or an expectant experienced power vinyasa yogini, prenatal yoga classes can help ease anxiety about how to safely practice yoga throughout all stages of your pregnancy. Group prenatal yoga classes can give you the opportunity to learn yoga in a supportive environment and meet other expectant yoginis. If you already have a strong yoga practice, you might consider taking just one or two prenatal classes to learn the asana modifications you’ll need to continue with your existing practice safely.

Another option is private prenatal yoga sessions. Private sessions are an excellent way to learn modifications that best suit you based on your yoga experience. Plus private sessions allow you to freely ask questions along the way, such as “what can I do for my swelling feet?”

Regardless of which route you choose, private or group classes, prenatal yoga is an excellent way to learn how to connect with your body in a new way and bond with your bundle of joy!

If you live in the DC/Northern Virginia area and want to experience prenatal yoga, please join me at Dancing Mind Yoga in Falls Church, VA on June 7th (1-3:30pm) for a prenatal power vinyasa workshop.

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