Beautify It

Towards the end of my 20-minute morning meditation yesterday a phrase popped up in my head “you just need to beautify it”.  I zoned into it, heard it a couple times and then snapped out of it.  What does it mean?  What is the “it”?

The timing of this is ironic in that recently I have felt in my meditation practice I am just going the motions.  It’s been dry –meaning no revelations/insights have come out of it.  I’ve questioned –is it worth it?  Am I sitting just to sit?  Am I being impatient?

Now “you just need to beautify it” has peaked my curiosity.  What in my life needs more beauty – my relationships, my teaching, my yoga practice and/or something else in my life?  What is the “it”?  I guess I will have to sit in silence (meditate) and see.

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