Beautiful, Funny, Delicious

I had an awesome spur-of-the-moment yoga experience this past weekend.  A friend, who also happens to be one of my new favorite yoga teachers ☺, invited me to take a couple David Romanelli workshops with her at Sacred Space in Rockville, MD (D.C. area).  The workshop themes were 1) “Beautiful, Funny, Delicious and Yoga + Cheese & Olives” and “Fear, Yoga + Chocolate (not necessarily this exact mix but you get the picture).

Prior to showing up, I assumed two things about his Yoga + Wine, Yoga + Chocolate workshop themes 1) they would be focused on the niyama tapas and 2) the chocolate, wine and cheese were just part of a marketing ploy to get people to his classes.  To top it off, once I arrived and met him, my internal chatter was “This is a guy I use to party with in college…and he’s teaching yoga.  You’ve got to be kidding me”.  By the way, to support my first impression please jump to page 18 (My Struggle Is My Joke) in Dave’s book Livin’ the Moment.

After the first 10-15 minutes of during Saturday’s workshop, I realized I really like this guy.  I felt completely at ease with his presence.  He’s down-to-earth, laughs at himself and doesn’t take life or yoga too seriously.  It was such a refreshing change of pace from the yoga I’m exposed to regularly -particularly the teachers that take themselves and yoga way too seriously (I’m sure I fall into this category at times).

Conclusion:  Yeah Dave (aka Romanelli) rocks!  He’s funny, inspirational and a true yogi that can connect with current day practitioners, at all-levels.  Dave’s workshops are a great reminder that yoga is about feeling good and living well both on and off the mat.  His “beautiful, funny, delicious” mantra is a great tool in learning how to seize the moments of your day.  Best of all, the treats at the end of his 90-minute chill flow were divine –Vosges luxury chocolate, couture hot chocolate, Sicilian wines and olives.  One of my previous blog postings talked about the senses.  Yeah Dave gives you the opportunity to check back in and enjoy your senses to the max.

For a Yeah Dave sighting near you, visit  By the way, if you live in the D.C area be sure to visit Sacred Space in Rockville.  It’s a serene studio space – and worth the hike even if you don’t live in MD.

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