Art of Listening (continued)

The more we are able to practice the art of listening to breath and words, the more we will start to fully embrace and trust what we hear, externally and internally.  Overtime this skill of tuning into the sound of external words and flow of our internal life-force (a.k.a. breath), we start to become adept at combining the two and listening to bodily sensations and emotions.  With continued observation we start to find our personal rhythm on and off our yoga mats by moving from the heart –from what feels good in our bodies.

As you continue to develop a practice of listening to the power and feel of your breath, you’ll become mindful of the little voice that resides within you daily (intuition) –the one that is often neglected because the brain stomps on it.  Trust the process.  Start to listen to your breath and body on your yoga mat as well as off.

Start to live from what feels right as oppose to how you think you should live based on what others think you should do.  Learn to move in a way that feels healthy for you.  The more you practice listening to breath, the easier it will be to live from within and best of all live from the heart.

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