Art of Listening

Whether you practice yoga in a group or alone, yoga teaches us the act of opening our ears and relaxing our mind to the sound of our breath. Additionally, group yoga classes also teach us to open our ears and move our bodies to the teacher’s words. In this regard, yoga can sort of be like an adult version of Simon Says.

As trite as all this might sound, yogis know it can be a challenging task to stay 100% committed to listening to breath and the teacher throughout an entire practice. Many, especially those new to yoga, are so use to moving the body from the brain center -doing what we think we should be doing rather than moving based on how we feel in the moment – that we are so out of touch with listening from within.  The art of listening within starts with your breath.

For the next week, develop the simple practice of listening to your breath whether you are on your yoga mat, standing in line at the grocery store or Starbucks, driving to work or walking your dog.  By the way, if you have figured it out you can practice this anywhere, at anytime.  We’re always breathing but rarely pay attention to vital life force until we need it.

So again for the next week, notice what you hear when you breathe —is your breath choppy, shallow, long? Are your inhales and exhales even? When you inhale, does your torso expand or contract?  What do you feel on as you exhale?  Where exactly do you feel your breath –belly, ribcage, chest?  Are there areas you feel stuck -i.e. you can’t feel the breath in your upper chest?  Do you feel movement in the backside of the torso?  Breathe and intently observe how and what you feel.

To be continued…

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