Live by Feeling, part II

Yoga is the perfect tool for introducing us to “feeling”.  Yoga is not a thinking practice; it’s about feeling what’s going on in your body while you’re on your mat.

Yoga is formless –meaning the yogic experience comes from feeling whatever presents itself in the moment.  Feelings of ease, joy, peace, tension, stiffness, awkwardness, etc. often appear on the mat.  As you move and breathe in your yoga practice (be it asana, meditation or pranayama), your physical body becomes a vehicle to connect with yourself on a level much greater than ever before.

Simply, yoga provides a a way for you to wake up to your body just as it is, feeling it as it is in the moment.  If you want to cry in ½ pigeon, cry.  If you want to smile in Warrior I, smile.  Whether you’re on your yoga mat or not, start to trust what you feel and live from there.

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