Use Your Senses

Often we forget to take advantage of the ability to fully see, hear, smell, taste and touch.  The five senses are truly gifts to be used and appreciated every moment, every day.

When you begin to connect with everything on a more sensory level, you’ll receive more out of life’s simple and extraordinary pleasures.  You’ll also be fully in the present experience as oppose to looking for what’s next.

For instance, during your next in-person conversation with a friend, look at them rather than beyond.  While eating your next meal, chew your food slowly and savor the flavor and smell.  Take a long walk outside and with each step feel your feet touch down with each step and open your ears to hear nature speak.  While washing the dishes, feel your hands supporting the effort.  Next time you’re on your yoga mat, explore how your senses support your practice.

By simply using what you have, you’ll wake up to the beauty that surrounds you.  That beauty is your life, which can only be fully experienced through the senses.

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