In with the New, Out with the Old

With the plethora of yoga mats to select from these days –styles, colors, thicknesses, eco-friendly materials, etc. – it’s tempting to buy a new one every couple of years.  And many do, even when they don’t really NEED a new one.

A few times I’ve been asked by students “what can I do with my old mat?”  Usually I suggest donating it to a school or church that offers community yoga classes.    Though I’ve always felt this answer is a little vague since it doesn’t really point someone in a specific direction.  Needless to say, I was happy to recently stumble upon Gaiam’s article “50 Ways to Reuse Your Yoga Mat”.

I will admit a few of the suggestions are extremely creative, but I guarantee at least one of them will appeal to you.  Now you might feel good about buying a new mat even if you don’t really NEED it ☺

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