Daily Yoga Tools

One of my corporate yoga clients recently invited me to their daily morning meeting to introduce the entire office to yoga.  I was given 2-4 minutes to do my yoga spiel.  My mind was cluttered with “what to do” given there is so much to yoga – philosophy, history, asana, meditation, ethical principles, pranayama, etc.  Keep in mind everyone is in business suits and dress shoes –neither being conducive to a true yoga experience.

Sticking with one of my personal mantras “simplicity is key” I thought what are two yoga tools everyone can practice daily without stepping on a yoga mat?  Breathing and standing tall (Tadasana).

By becoming more conscious of breath and aware of posture, you can slowly start to ease your body of unnecessary tension and create space in your mind so you’re more able to take on whatever your day throws your way.  Take a breath in and out before responding in a heated discussion.  Rather than getting impatient as you stand in line for your morning coffee, practice breathing techniques (those appropriate for the general public) and standing tall.  Stuck in traffic?  Practice sitting tall and again, tap into the energy of your breath to calm your mind and comfort your body.

The stresses of life are always going to exist, but you’re in control of how you react.  One of my favorite quotes says it all “You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf”.

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