Part of what yoga asana and meditation teaches us is to sit in the middle of challenge rather than run away.  More often than not, it’s hard to stay and face the ugliness and a lot easier just to turn our back and walk out.

More than once, I’ve taken a yoga class where I truly wanted to walk out simply because I didn’t like the style and/or teacher.  What I’ve realized by staying put on my mat and suffering through those practices, I can always learn something if I’m just willing to stay and be open to receiving.

This blog entry is based off of a recent yoga class experience I attended in D.C. and the original teacher (Seane Corn) wasn’t feeling well so she couldn’t teach the class.  A sub stepped in.  The student next to me (who is also a yoga teacher) picked up and left in the middle of class because the substitute teacher wasn’t her style.  When she left, she immediately went to take class at the studio where we normally practice.  So this thought crossed my mind…if we continue to run back to what’s comforting rather than suffer through something that isn’t quite what we signed up for, how do we ever learn anything new?  How would we grow?

Usually what we don’t like in someone or something is part of our own internal dark spots – something we don’t like or fear to face in ourselves.  The work is in staying in the midst of the situation and being willing to face our shadows so we can move through the dark and ultimately, see the light within.  As new age as this may sound, I believe it’s true.

Point being, there is a lesson to be learned in everything and if we’re not present we miss it.   More importantly, we miss an opportunity for internal growth.  Next time you want to walk out, challenge yourself to stay and simply see what happens.

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