Change. Hope. Inspire.

Dream. Faith. Transform. These are all meaningful words that have been used repeatedly since Obama was elected in November 2008.  They are also words that require action in order to be realized.

Over the weekend I made a commitment to participate in a “40 Day to Personal Revolution” program. For those familiar with Baron Baptiste, you may know this is one of his programs geared towards self-acceptance, personal growth and transformation. I suspect it will challenge me to create a new way of living, prioritizing and ultimately, a new way of being.

As I think about the 40 day challenge, and much like yoga, I understand it’s a process – a process I will need to engage in fully in order to experience results. It’s not up to anyone else; it’s up to me. By participating and doing the hard work, I am bound to discover changes beyond my imagination.

On the eve of the biggest Presidential Inauguration in history, I think about the similarities in a 40 day program and the promise of transformation the new President offers. President-elect Obama in particular, offers hope, positive change and inspiration for living much like a personal revolution program does. But he can’t do it alone. In order for change to happen, individuals (a.k.a. American citizens) must step up and participate in the process.

I’m sure many feel that by attending the DC events tomorrow they are doing their part to celebrate. Beyond Tuesday 1/20, will people continue to be involved? Will people continue to seek unity vs. living in separation? Will people want to do the work required for real change to happen? And I wonder, what actions will I take to help move America forward?

As Gandhi said “Be the change you want to see in the world”.

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