Experiences Shape You

Don’t resist the bad days of your life.  Invite both the bad and the good with open arms, eyes and more importantly, an open mind.  By doing so, you start to flow with life rather than struggle against it.  Trust your experiences are just that “yours”.  By learning to accept your experiences as they are, humility and compassion are born.

Life is full of ups and downs.  In the middle of it all, there is always a reason for what is happening – it just might not be obvious at the time.  Don’t wait for an answer to the question “why?”.  Continue to live and embrace the changes as they are happening.  Know the ups and downs are simply part of the tapestry of your life.  And the answer will appear when the time is right.

A patchwork quilt has beautiful sections and not so pretty areas.  A forest consist of strong, big trees as well as branchless trees.   It’s the individual trees and quilt sections that shape and give character to the forest and quilt, respectively.

Embrace the good and the bad.  Both are part of your life experiences that ultimately make you healthy, strong and human.

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