Power of BEING

Being you equals being perfect.  Often I hear and read, “no one is perfect”.  According to who’s/what standards, I wonder.

Instead of believing you are not perfect, or worse trying to be something you are not (i.e. your idea of perfection), can you just be you?  Can you accept yourself and live from there?  It sounds simple, but for many it’s hard to do and accept.

We each have unique talents, abilities, smiles, bodies, minds, etc. that define us as individuals.  Can you enjoy being yourself and live from your individuality?  I’m not suggesting remain stagnant.  The idea is to work with what you have –pursue and develop your talents, explore yourself, find ways to enhance yourself – so you can shine; so you can grow.  When you shine, others shine.

Drop the ideals of perfection and start living your life with conviction, just as you are.  There’s a lot of peace, joy and power in simply being (you) vs. trying to live up to someone else’s expectations.  Ignore the naysayers –those who tell you “you can’t”, “you won’t do this because”,  and “you shouldn’t”.  Don’t let their unhappiness and/or ignorance of what makes you shine, hold you back.  Be yourself and learn how to grow from there.

Start by simply believing you are perfect just as you are.  Be open to possibilities of becoming something greater than you are today.  Be open to learning, growing and changing as you start being you.  As the Army says “Be All That You Can Be”.

Being you is truly living and shining from the heart.  Think how bright the world would be if everyone shined.

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  1. Good lights and thoughts there to live! Thanks.


  2. I love your site!

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