Anjali Mudra

Yoga classes often use the “namaste” or prayer position, aka anjali mudra, at the beginning, end and sometimes even during class.  With the hands in anjali mudra at heart center, a wonderful stretch for the wrists can be experienced as well a nice opening across the chest & collarbones. Some yogis feel it helps keep their shoulders out of their ears.

In addition to stretching, anjali mudra can serve as a reminder that your practice is an offering to your Self.  Anjali means heart.  A mudra is a hand gesture and means offering.  By joining your hands together you create a seal with the hands, a physical gesture of union.  Coincidentally or not, the meaning of yoga is union.  Anjali mudra is a symbolic reference of the union of your individual self to the interconnectedness of all living beings (universal self).

Don’t over think anjali mudra.  Experience it for yourself.  It might have a completely different meaning for you.  As with life, yoga is about the experience.  Be present and your anjali mudra will be defined with time.  Namaste.

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