What I Believe

I believe my life will be long.  I believe there’s a purpose for me being here.  I believe I am on a journey to help others.  I believe I will have many side trips on my life’s journey.

I believe I haven’t figured out my life’s mission.  Though I believe what I am doing today (my current side trip), is what I should be doing –teaching yoga in people’s homes and offices.  I believe there are some people in the D.C./Arlington/Alexandria, VA area who want to try yoga but can’t make it to the yoga studio due to the stresses of city living, daily commuting, family responsibilities, work travel, etc.  I believe we are in charge of our priorities and some are more able to make the yoga studio a priority.

When I look back on the strong beliefs I’ve held, most of the ones I’ve pursued have supported me.  I believed there was more to my life than a 9-5 job.  I believed that serving corporate shareholders was not my destiny.  I believed I had more to offer.  I believed in my beauty and power as an individual and yogini.  And I believe there’s so much more, I just need to keep journeying and more beauty and power will be revealed.

What do you believe?  Do you listen to your beliefs?  If not, why?

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