From the Outside In

One of my new corporate yoga students said to me yesterday “yoga is a lot more work than I expected.”    As with life, yoga requires some effort.  For many, yoga starts out being extremely physical, very external.  The mentally calming and spiritual elements of the practice can take time to be revealed.  This is why yoga is referred to as a “practice”.

The internal changes can be so subtle initially that you might not even notice them.  Slowly, as your asana practice evolves, the small changes become more apparent.  Then when you least expect it, an “ah-ha” moment happens.  This is yoga.

The kind of changes that trigger “ah-ha” moments vary drastically from person-to-person.  You might start to become more in-tune with your body’s biological rhythms.  You might subconsciously but actively engage your life force, the breath, more regularly.  Or you might start to trust your gut feelings (aka intuition).  You might even begin to realize that we are ALL connected in this world.  On a deeper level, you begin to feel your heart is connected and affected by everything and everyone around you.

Some call these “ah-ha” moments the sign of a transformation.  Others call it an awakening within.  Whatever your “ah-ha” moments are and whatever you call them, they signal your yoga is really more than just a physical form of exercise.  Yoga is a practice in being awake and alive from within, bringing you closer to the truth of who you really are.  Enjoy your journey to the inside.

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